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Animal Shelters - St. Louis, Missouri and Metropolitan Area

Pet adoption is better than buying a pet for a number of reasons. You're saving money by not paying for your new cat or dog. And, cats and dogs that are rescued from animal shelters always seem to retain a measure of gratitude to the people who rescue them, making them especially devoted pets.

When people do not spay or neuter their pets, unwanted litters of kittens and puppies become available. Pet adoption helps take care of the expanding pet population by finding loving homes instead of increasing the demand in stores. If you have young children, you may want to concentrate on kittens and puppies. While they will require more training, you are starting with a blank slate and the kitten or puppy can grow up with your children.

If you're interested in another type of animal, don't rule out pet adoption. Dogs and cats aren't the only animals that are available. Many animal shelters take in small mammals, including rabbits and guinea pigs. If you're in search of something more exotic, some even take in reptiles, including lizards and snakes, and birds.

Whatever type of pet you choose, take your time in making the decision to expand your household. Visit the rescue home as many times as you wish to ensure that this is the pet for you. And, don't be tempted to take the animal home on the first visit. Many people get caught up in the thrill of pet adoption and later regret their decision. Making several trips will help you be confident that you're making the right choice.

And, don't worry about finding a healthy pet, the animal shelters see to the care and medical treatment of all the animals, so you're sure to get a healthy one. In addition, they spay and neuter dogs and cats and implant a microchip, for recovering lost pets. With all these benefits, why wouldn't you consider pet adoption?


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